Hashing24.com is one of the latest bitcoin mining companies with a 100% uptime capacity. What this means to miners who choose their service is that they can be sure of gains no matter the month or time of the year. As the future of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular remains optimistic, Hashing24 has developed a strategy for people to consistently mine their own money. With their strategy, everyone who is subscribed to them has a chance to benefit either in the long run or immediately.

Hashing24.com is quite genuine. At least, one can find them at 272 Bath Street Glasgow in Scotland, UK and the company also has representatives in Thailand and Ukraine. Phone numbers and email addresses of the representatives are available on the website so you can keep in touch with the one that is closest to you. Investing in Hashing24 can be adjudged risk free because the team is professional and has an experience of more than four years.


Hashing24.com Overview

Hashing24.com can be anybody’s delight. With three user languages namely Thai, English and Chinese, the company shows its determination to equip anyone who is of legal age to mine bitcoins profitably. As soon as you open the website, you will see a chat icon which you can click to communicate directly with a representative. This eliminates all worries associated with delays to messages when emails are sent. The support team is always live and you are sure to have all your concerns addressed as soon as you send them.

In case you are unable to sit down for minutes for a chat, Hashing24 also presents one the opportunity to send a ticket via the support section or even an email to any of the company’s representatives. Emails and tickets are also treated quickly and you can expect answers the same day.

At the top of the website is displayed the current exchange rate between bitcoin, Euro and the US dollar. This information is there to help potential miners calculate the amount of purchasing mining power in their local currency. It will also give them an idea of how much they can gain from the profits gathered by the company’s activities each day.


Benefits of Hashing24.com

Requires Simple Steps

Having a mining farm yourself will take you several years to establish  but a ten minute procedure on Hashing24.com should give you the same value as trying to buy an equipment. Registering on Hashing24.com requires only an email address and a password you should be able to remember. Hashing24 also has a system for retrieving lost passwords just in case you fail to remember yours.


Flexible and Affordable Plans

Mining plans on Hashing24.com are divided into hosts. A potential miner is free to buy just one host for 0.125 bitcoins which can be paid through a bitcoin wallet, OK Pay or by wire transfer. The value of one host on Hashing24 is equal to 1 TH/S. A miner is free to buy as many as he or she can afford to increase gains.


Flexible profits

The percentage of profits on Hashing24.com is not fixed so no one can tell exactly what miners stand to benefit. This is obvious for real establishments who have no intentions of making empty promises only to wind up when they are unable to pay what they claim. At least, miners can be assured that their money is safe and that the company has plans to last several years longer than their counterparts in the same industry. This strategy will also be a blessing for miners who may begin to receive much more than they envisaged in the coming years after Hashing24 succeeds in building an impressive empire that has no fear of failing or falling. The flexible-profit is surely a system developed to give miners more gains in the long run and to save their investments for the future.


One-time Activation

Once you successfully purchase a host on Hashing24.com, you are eligible to keep earning for life. This means a single investment of about $100 could be your gateway to a lifetime opportunity of earning on daily basis. The only thing required to enjoy this is a daily maintenance fee of $0.00057 per GH/s and this is not much when compared to what one stands to benefit. You don’t need to pay this yourself from your wallet since automatic deductions will be made from your account balance. However, if your account balance is not enough to pay the maintenance fee, you are free to send it from your bitcoin wallet to prevent your account from being deactivated. If you ever find yourself in this situation, just take it that you are investing for the future and you can be certain that before long, your earnings from the company will far exceed the little daily maintenance fees. Remember it’s a sacrifice worth paying for an account that is to last forever.



The support at Hashing24.com is friendly and quick. Apart from the website itself, one can also follow them on Facebook to know more about their operations.



It is advisable to start today on Hashing24.com. However, remember to trade with your spare money alone since you are not the one in total control of the funds. It is reasonable to be cautious when giving other people your funds to manage on your behalf.