How to get free Bitcoin every five minutes without paying a cent

Hi everyone, I’ve got details of a great little setup that allows you to get free Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin every five minutes, and it does not require a cash investment or major effort on your part.

What I’m talking about here is ‘faucets’, in particular, one faucet network centered upon a single website,

CoinPot is a fairly simple yet attractive website that features a collection of three crypto currency wallets (for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge) that are set up to receive regular payments from faucet websites such as, and

These three faucet sites allow you to ‘claim’ a few satoshi (Bitcoin), Litoshi (Litecoin), and decimals of Dogecoin every five minutes (or longer if you choose) from a never ending ticker.

The coins are sent to your wallets in CoinPot, and there they accumulate until they reach the payment threshold and can be withdrawn to your favorite wallet.

Faucets have been around a little while, and although the payouts are tiny, they can accumulate over time, and something is always better than nothing, especially something free.

Security is built into the system, with 2FA available on your CoinPot account.

If you’re new to crypto or looking to add another income stream to your portfolio, the CoinPot faucet network is worth a look.

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