FaucetHub.io different Micropayment Platform

Faucethub.io, very unique Micropayment Platform founded by Mexicantarget. It’s not only a micropayment platform, but also more than it. You will find such features in there, that you have never imagined before. FaucetHub.io allows users to create their own faucets without any investment from their end. You can do PTC/surveys/offers and get bitcoin into your account and deposit directly in your faucet with 0 fee/charge. There are premium faucet lists where users can find the best paying bitcoin sites. There are bitcoin games on the site, Lottery & Rock Paper Scissors. You can win lots of satoshi from lottery and can earn bitcoins by playing simple Rock Paper Scissors game! If you are a faucet owner, you can top up your faucets from these. Yes, it’s true! You can communicate with faucet owners, faucet users even with Mexicantarget himself through the global chat room included there!

FaucetHub Features:
Why choose FaucetHub to operate your website?
1. Mobile Friendly: Check your balance, operate your faucet/website wallet, view stats and chat with users on their mobile friendly website.
2. 24/7 Support: Ticket support and chat moderators & admins who are there to help you. Get support from other website owners too!
3. Fully Functional API: They offer a fully functional API for easily integrating your website into their platform in minutes.
4. Multiple Dashboards: Separate your user account from your faucet/website owner account with multiple dashboard and website/faucet owners dedicated chat room!

Strong Points:
Multi-Currency Payments: Send & receive in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.
Advanced Security: Protect your account and website from exploiters.
Easy to use API: Integrate your website or app in minutes.
SSL Ready: Connect to your website & API via SSL secure connection.
On-site Chat: Chat with users & faucet owners directly on site.
Enhanced Statistics: Get insights about your faucets you never noticed.